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Hello, my name is Mark Brown, and for the past several years I have been exploring the relationship between the performing arts, communication, daily life, and social process. As I pass the halfway mark in my studies and start turning my attention towards life after university, I decided it was important to begin putting some of the things I’ve found and come to believe “down on paper.” Also, though my main studies are in theater, the cornerstone of my passion stems from the human dynamics that transcend the picture frame of the stage-arch; regarding not only the production and performance process, but also how the forces we work with in theater have the power to affect daily life!

To that end, HeartFire Communications is my fledgling attempt to document my reflections, activities, and projects as they relate to this connection.  My hope is that in addition to being a repository of my own activities and thought, it will also be a spring board for the work of others.  

Photo by Brenno Russo

Photo by Brenno Russo

I passionately believe in the importance of creative and conscious expression as part of the very fabric society is built from; this is what inflames my spirit, and through this site I hope some of you may come to be set ablaze as well.

All the best, and hope to see you here frequently!

Mark Brown,  Executive Director
July 27, 2013

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