The HeartFire Story

HeartFire LogoTo Enflame:
aaa to set afire, to kindle,
aaa to infect with passion and joy,

Fire . . .
aaa warms, . . .
aaaa purifies, . . .
aaaaa illumines, . . .

Beginning as a quest to see how life and creativity could enrich each-other, HeartFire Communications is the public face of founder Mark Brown’s efforts and experiences with the interplay between the arts, communication, daily life, and social process.

Through involvement in both the performing arts and an ongoing study of social interaction, Mark started to see a pattern. There seemed to be a strong correlation between the benefit that interacting with someone had on other people, and the degree to which that person had gone through a “character study”, a process by which an actor gets in touch with the character they are portray, with themselves as the subject.

As Mark’s explorations continued it became increasingly evident that:
A) It takes considerable effort, outside direction, and possibly both to step back from the role you are playing in life to reflect on how that role is affecting your own story-ark and those around you.
B) Those who are happiest with their lives are often those who have taken the time to find what gives them joy, and shaped that into a lifelong adventure.
C) There is a direct relationship between the creativity with which you approach life, the joy you gets from life,and the positive effect you have on others; so long as you have also cultivated the presence needed to effectively act.

After several years of private exploration, HeartFire Communications is Mark’s venture in bringing this work into public discourse. The HeartFire website and blog will be where the discoveries and outcomes of this work will be harvested, and also where future projects will be announced. In the end, this project is as much about bringing consciousness to the work (see “A” above) as reporting factoids and findings. To that end we hope that you take the time to explore what’s here and visit again to see how things progress.

All the best!

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